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Maintenance of hydraulic pumps and anti- wear


Maintenance Given the frequency of circumstances that can damage hydraulic pumps, it is always advisable an at least annual periodic inspection every two months or so, depending on the type of service. In Hidramaq we are specialists in the periodic review of the hydraulic circuits, their pumps and motors, machinery of civil, industrial, agricultural and construction work. All with the goal of machinery to work properly, prolong the life of your equipment and prevent downtime that may lead to breakdowns and unnecessary expenses. Causes of wear: Any equipment or hydraulic system suffers from constant use, wear whose causes are diverse. We list and describe briefly the main ones: - Abrasive wear: it is produced by cuts in the metal by hard particles. It can be reduced by removing the remains of manufacturing before starting work. -Bad Lubrication: The piston sliding wear affects the performance of the plate and the piston shaft. Oxidation of the fluid: Operations at high temperatures accelerate the formation of acids in fluids due to oxidation - Erosion wear: Is that occurs by the liquid in contact with the surface. -Adhesive wear: when surface asperities are subjected to a sliding contact under a load -Cavitación: It is given by an excessive number of gas bubbles, which leads to damage in the form of holes. corrosive -Desgaste: takes place by electrochemical metal attacks that may occur by the condensation of water in the environment or chemical components of coolants and cleaners. - Fatigue wear: Fatigue is favored by small contact areas, high loads and repeated bending cycles or under reciprocal landslides
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